The Propeller Club of The United States

The Propeller Club was conceived in 1922 as an ever-growing group of maritime professionals met informally each day over lunch to discuss issues of the industry.  As the group became too large for casual conversation, speakers began to be invited to address the group.  Growth continued, and in January of 1923, the “Propeller Club of the Port of New York” was formed, with thirty-three in attendance choosing the name and scheduling regular meetings.

News of the club spread to other port cities, and Propeller Clubs were formed in Boston, New Orleans, and at Yale University.  On November 7, 1927, The Propeller Club of the United States as a national and international organization was formed, with individual member clubs designated as "Ports."  Ports followed in Tampa, Seattle, Jacksonville and Miami.  The first overseas Propeller Club Port was formed in Hamburg, Germany, in 1932, by Americans engaged in the maritime business there.

The membership comprises a cross section of the maritime industry throughout the United States and in many international cities around the world.

Today, the International Propeller Club of the United States (IPCUS) is an international business network dedicated to the promotion of the maritime industry, commerce and global trade.  There are more than 80 ports in maritime locations around the world, including almost 30 in foreign cities.

The Propeller Club – Port of Istanbul

The Propeller Club, Port of Istanbul was founded  by five American citizens residing in Istanbul:

  • Colonel W. F. Britton, U.S. Army, SA
  • A.Dingee, General Mgr. Sokoni Vakum, Istanbul
  • Charles Waggoner, Operating Mgr. PAA, Istanbul
  • Steve Diehl, Manager, General Electric Co. Istanbul
  • Frank Butler, U. S. Consul General, Istanbul

As the oldest American NGO in Turkey, the Istanbul Propeller Club is today, one of the most distinguished associations in the country and we proudly look forward to the 70th anniversary of our founding in 2021.

While the basic thrust of the International Propeller Club relates to the maritime and shipping industries, the Port of Istanbul, established in 1951, has evolved over the years to become a broad and diverse business organization whose members include leading Turkish and international business professionals, industrialists and entrepreneurs. Although we are a diverse group where international trade, finance and investments are highligted, maritime businesses continue to carry importance in our club and will remain central in our foundation.

Thanks to the ongoing support of our members, old and new, our Club continues to grow and thrive.


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