President’s Message

Dear Propeller Club Members and Friends,

As the new leadership of the International Propeller Club-Port of Istanbul, I’m delighted to express my greetings to you on behalf of myself and my friends in the Board of Directors.

From June 2021, we’ll be assuming our position and we’ll be striving to improve our club and move it forward, according to the demands and the guidance of our members.

Propeller Club, has displayed a consistent, reliable and determined attitude that takes universal ethical values, social responsibility and environmental sensitivity in consideration for all its activities and It will continue to work in this way from now on.

As we all know Propeller Club is actually a maritime-based club. Propeller Club, which was established in the year 1951, in Istanbul, at the biggest port city of our country surrounded by the sea from three sides, is an organization that we embrace with pride.

At this point, our biggest help and guiding light will be you, our members.

Unfortunately, we had to move our meetings to the cyberspace due to the worldwide pandemic crisis; but even at this point when we have started face-to-face meetings, we still have members that with reservations on going into physical environment. We will be in pursuit of being able to conduct our meetings both physically and virtually, depending on the circumstances.

As years went by, the activities of the club have diverted to non-maritime fields and due to the ongoing economic trends, our communication with the other sectors have gradually grown. As a result, many different sectors are represented in our Club through our members.

In order to meet all expectations, we, as the Board of Directors, plan to carry out activities on topics such as new economic trends, local and international economic developments, maritime, health, finance, as well as environment, art, history and sustainable competitiveness.

One of the aims of Propeller Club-Port of Istanbul, will be to continue creating networks with the Propeller Clubs of other countries. The connections established between our club and other Propeller Clubs will also continue.

Carrying the Propeller Club that has existed for over 70 years forward to the future with success will be the most important mission of myself and my friends at the Board of Directors.

Best Regards,
Nedim Ölçer
The International Propeller Club of the USA
Port of Istanbul


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