President’s Message

Dear Fellow Propeller Club Members and Friends,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Port of Istanbul!

The Most Majestic City in the World, Istanbul is a Kaleidoscope of Eras Past yet Not Forgotten.

Home to Sultans, Poets and Emperors, Where East meets West and the Traditional Greets the Contemporary. 

Our City is Bold, Vibrant and Timeless.

Istanbul, the Eternal City of the World’s Desire!

Since being elected Port President on June 27th, 2019, we have been diligently working to deliver on our promises and meet members’ expectations. First and foremost, we redesigned our website to better reflect who we are and what we stand for. We redesigned its’ format and enriched its’ content to make it more user friendly and keep our members  better informed of our events and activities.

As you know, we set out on an ambitious mission which we are working hard to realize over this new term. We have 5  active committees, comprised of:

  • MARITIME: To keep abreast of industry developments and build commercial ties.
  • FOREIGN RELATIONS: To preserve our ongoing contact with the diplomatic community.
  • OUT-REACH: To engage/cooperate with other US based NGOs in and outside Turkey and build on our shared values.
  • SOCIAL: To organize events that will generate closer ties of friendship between our members.
  • MEMBERSHIP: To vet new candidates before seeking board approval.


These committees are intended to promote greater member engagement, build stronger relationships between our members and generate bolder impact in our communities.

These being interesting times in our region, we selected “Everything About Turkey” for our annual theme during 2019-2020, focusing on topics like Foreign Relations, Energy, the Economy, the Istanbul Waterways, Education, Migration, Gender Issues and the Environment.  In addition to our Monthly Luncheons, our pillar event, we are also planning an exciting range of other activities around our select topics including:

  • Ambassadors’ Roundtable Discussion: “A New Story for Turkey”
  • Women Consul General Speakers Series, to showcase the 23 outstanding women CGs in Istanbul
  • An Essay Contest among university students
  • An Evening ”Mixer” with other American NGOs
  • A Holiday Celebration and Awards Ceremony in December
  • The “70th Anniversary” Celebration of our Founding in 2021


In 2021, we will celebrate the 70th Anniversary of our founding. The Club has thrived and evolved over these years and we are grateful to our long line of distinguished Presidents and officers for their selfless leadership and unfaltering commitment to the club and its objectives. They kept us grounded and active for all these years and for that we are eternally grateful.

Our “New Membership Drive” is an ongoing effort where we aim to attract and enlist new members to our Club. As we are a closed organization, we rely on recommendations and endorsements from our esteemed members in order to preserve the Club’s integrity and keep the membership pool growing. It is our aim to recruit principled, curious and accomplished young leaders to enrich and rejuvenate our membership profile in the coming years.

Your new board is comprised of an exceptional group of standout men and women who are leaders in their own right and who have earned the respect and admiration of their peers and superiors. It is my great pleasure to be working with them as we look to an exciting term in office. Collectively, we have the vision, the talent, the broad network and the creative know-how to realize the ambitious objectives we have set forth.

Our door is always open, and we look forward to your active participation at our events. We  are counting on our members’ support to keep our Club vibrant, engaged and energized and young members to help carry the Propeller flag for the next 70 years to come.



Neslihan Tombul, President
The International Club of the US – Port of Istanbul 


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