About Us


The Propeller Club Istanbul began its journey in 1951.

While the basic thrust of the International Propeller Club relates to the maritime and shipping industries, the Port of Istanbul has not only thrived over the course of its history, but also evolved to become a broad and diverse business organization whose members include leading Turkish and international business professionals, industrialists and entrepreneurs. Although our membership profile is broad in scope, where international trade, finance and investment are featured, maritime businesses continue to carry importance in our club and will remain central to our foundation.

The Club is the only English speaking business association in Turkey and its main activity is a monthly luncheon where members come to engage, conduct business and listen to a prominent speaker on a trending topic of interest.

Our Objectives include:

  • To promote relations in trade and transportation.
  • To exchange views on matters of mutual interest.
  • To increase awareness of events relevant to the economic development of Istanbul and of Turkey as a whole, and
  • To provide our members an opportunity to contribute to the economic life of the community.
  • To provide a forum for our members to become better acquainted with each other.