President's Message


Dear Propeller Club members and friends


It is a privilege and an honor to have been selected to chair the board of the Port of Istanbul chapter of the Propeller Club for the 2023-25 term.


The Port of Istanbul chapter was established in 1951 to serve the needs and interests of maritime businesses, making us one of the oldest NGOs in Turkey. Our members either own businesses or serve as senior professional managers in some of Istanbul’s leading companies. Through our Club we seek to create value for our community and for our businesses, to generate solutions through the exchange of ideas, and to learn from each other and from the speakers who address our monthly meetings.


Our world is changing quickly. To keep up with these changes we have to be part of the change process. Using its founding principles as a starting point, the Propeller Club will continue to be a forum for the exchange of forward thinking ideas in pursuit of solutions to the challenge of creating a sustainable and secure world.


Our members’ dialogue supports positivie thinking and fresh take aways, as much as analysis and solutions-based ideas, that benefit not only our members, but also our community and country.  We should help create a responsible business climate for the coming generations, and the well-being of our society.


Among the critical issues and challenges that we face are: Cutting Edge Technologies, the Future of Humanity, Biotechnology, Environmental Challenges, Global Energy, Food Security, Longevity, Health, Art and Culture, Conflict Resolution, Foreign Policy Issues, Global Economics and Finance, Migration, and Education, among many others.


During the 2023-25 term, my goal will be to seek out people who can deliver content with substance on the topics listed above.  It is my good fortune to be able to work with a great team that includes the largest number of women board members in our history, foreign members, and young businesspeople, all of whom are well-connected and full of enthusiasm to contribute to our society.


I welcome all of you to actively participate in this exciting process.


Wishing you all the best.


Yaprak Özer


The International Propeller Club of the USA

Port of Istanbul