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The Day After

28 September, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


The Propeller Club of US – Port of İstanbul hosted three distinguished guests on the first meeting of 2023-2025 term.

Mr Erden Eruç, one of the leading ocean rowers in the world and an accomplished outdoor athlete, and sailing instructor.

Mr Nasuh Mahruki

Professional Mountain Climber, Writer, Photographer

Ms Füsun Sarp Nebil Investigative journalist and expert of informatics and telecommunications.

Note: Please find the speaker biographies below


We are going through a very difficult period in the history of human kind with regards to natural crises. Turkey as a geographical region, occupies an earthquake zone. We have as a nation experienced drastic qıuakes, so much that, every generation has its own trauma.

Awareness is the key, knowledge is the solution. As Propeller Club, we hosted the topic with a deep responsability to learn and pass technical information to others around us.

Mr  Nasuh Mahruki has answered critical questions such as; What have we learned from previous  earthquakes, if there are lessons learnt why were there so many casualties on the last one? What can survivors do to survive after the earthquake? What are the predictions for a possible Istanbul earthquake?

Ms Füsun Nebil commented on communication, a crucial point. She gave answers to questions such as; why communication is crucial, to detect the living victims trapped… what means do we have? How can necessary coordination be achieved and finally which methods to use to communicate with the loved ones.

You may find a few picking points below;

‘What could have been done after 1999, if we learned anything?’

Nasuh Mahruki: Turkey did not prepare itself for the earthquakesMain reasons why earthquake effect is tremendous is mismanagement; Imar affı policy, opening agricultural lands for construction, transfer of authority for auditing constructions to private enterprises.

What made the 6th of February earthquake worse

Nasuh Mahruki: Severe effects can be diminished by the right decisions made by policymakers. A timely and knowledge based organization makes a difference. A simple fact from the past, there were only 220 official rescue people in the 1999 earthquake. They were very effective.

What’s going to happen in Istanbul?’

Nasuh Mahruki: “Now we are in the risk management phase for Istanbul, unlike the Southeastern part of Turkey which is still in crisis management. Meeting points for the earthquakes are turned into construction sites and the number of them decreased from +400s to 70. All of the buildings should be audited.

What can we do when earthquake hits?

Nasuh Mahruki; If there happens a major earthquake, you need to leave your building as it may collapse in the second wave. That’s why we need our earthquake aid kits for the crucial 72 hours that follow the disaster.

‘Is it possible to reach out the necessary info after the earthquake?’

Füsun Nebil: “Public relations and media are weak in Turkey”. After speaking with Turkish business people I discovered that 4G connection distribution of Turkey is weak. Internet Consumption Amount has been rising very sharply in the last few years. However, internet speed capacity in Turkey is very low compared to other countries, making Turkey less competitive in terms of business.

‘Does İstanbul have sufficient internet station?’

Füsun Nebil:In the last earthquake, the Internet station was destroyed in Kahramanmaraş. Likewise, Istanbul’s two main PSTN exchanges are vulnerable to earthquakes. Only 500 thousand km of fiber infrastructure, making us ranked very low.

There will be fires, so rescuers need to learn how to firefight. We can create our own ways of dealing with the after-effects of the earthquake by designing our own meeting zones, preparations. You have to protect yourselves there will be no one since all the infrastructure in Istanbul will collapse.

How are we going to survive and what are the solutions?’  

Nasuh Mahruki: The volunteers of AKUT were very crucial in 1999. They made a big impact and they felt so. However, on the February Earthquake, AKUT rescuers were disappointed, because they thought they could have done more. AFAD, and Kızılay were not doing their best. The Army must be responsible again for dealing with the earthquake. Without the power of the army and without their specialized DAFYAR education, it becomes harder to cope with.

 Füsun Nebil: We should shut down our mobile phones if anything happens. Also, we need to take action from now on to prepare ourselves for the possible disaster.

How can we move to risk management?’

Füsun Nebil: We should make the government work to strengthen the telecommunication mediums.

Companies need to find partners outside of the Marmara region, that we can call after the disaster so that the necessary help can reach the people that will be affected by the earthquake. Regarding the weakness of base stations and their vulnerability to earthquakes, companies should build base stations on their buildings, as their buildings are stronger.

‘What can social partners do?’

Nasuh Mahruki: Partnerships can also be organized sector, industry-wise. For instance, medical people can create partnerships with people outside of the region to call for help. Different occupational groups can be very helpful in the event of an earthquake.

 Füsun Nebil:Programmers were the heroes of the February disaster, for instance. They created webpages for people asking for help and it made a huge impact on logistics. ‘How does the president present the city’s situation?’

‘Do we have sufficient information?’

Nasuh Mahruki: There is a problem with data collection. Because we don’t know how many buildings were destroyed, or how many people died. Since authorities don’t share enough info, we can’t estimate the effects of upcoming natural disasters. The population problem, with the refugee problem of Istanbul, raises the risk. When the system collapses, there will also arise problems because of refugees. You have to make safety plans for the following hours of the earthquake.


ERDEN ERUÇ  recently launched his campaign to compete in the 2026 Golden Globe Race. This solo nonstop sailing race held every four years, requires competitors to start from Les Sables d’Olonne in France, to descend south on the Atlantic Ocean and to route eastbound around Antarctica clearing the major capes before returning to France. Done using standard vessels built before 1988 and without modern conveniences including GPS, chart plotter, water maker, satellite communications or exotic materials, this “retro sailing” race requires utmost seamanship.

Eruç holds 18 Guinness World Records, is the recipient of the 2013 Citation of Merit from the prestigious Explorers Club and one of the 2013 Adventurers of the Year – “Nine individuals changing the face of global adventure” by the Outside Magazine. He is listed in the 2009, 2012, 2014, 2017, 2018, 2021 Guinness Books of World Records.


Founder of AKUT Nasuh Mahruki is also the founder member of Ortak İdealler Derneği (Common Purpose Association of Turkey), board member of ASHOKA Foundation in Turkey and he is a member of UGSAD (National Security and Strategic Research Association), TMOK (National Olympic Commity of Turkey), SAD (Underwater Research Association) and Travellers Club of Turkey.

He is a social entrepreneur and elected as an ASHOKA Fellow in 2004. He received the INTERNATIONAL GUSI PEACE PRIZE from Phillipinnes in 2009. He has been granted the degree of the HONORARY DOCTORATE in Social Sciences from Bilkent University in 2012. He received the JUUKH BICHIG Testimonial from Mongolia Culture, Sport and Tourism Ministry in 2014.

FÜSUN SARP NEBİL Investigative journalist and expert of informatics and telecommunications.  Received her master’s degree from the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Istanbul Technical University, served in various positions at THY, Nasaş Aluminum Factory and Alemdar Holding Group. She was appointed General Manager of Alnet, one of Turkey’s first ISPs. She is also an entrepreneur, was named “Successful Business Woman


28 September, 2023
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Grand Hyatt Hotel

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