Propeller Clubs Italy Visit to Turkish Chamber of Shipping Program

Dear members,

The program of the Italian Propeller Club delegation that will visit Istanbul on November 20 has been finalized. We hope that the visit of the delegation under the coordination of the Chamber of Shipping will be a good start for fruitful commercial contacts.


Monday, 20 November
10:00-12:00 Meeting at the Turkish Chamber of Shipping

TOPIC: The Mediterranean unites Italy and Türkiye: Meeting with maritime clusters on port and logistics competitiveness and new challenges in an era of change

Welcome Address (5 minutes for each speech)

– Mr.Tamer KIRAN, Chairman of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping (TCS)
– Mr. Umberto MASUCCI, Chairman of Propeller Clubs Italy

Keynote Speakers (10 minutes for each speech)

– Mr.Ender KAHYA, Deputy Secretary General of TCS
Introduction of the Turkish Chamber of Shipping
– Mr.Alessandro PANARO, Head of Maritime Department, SRM

ROUNDTABLE MEETING: Geopolitical aspects and drivers of changing maritime patterns: digitalization and sustainability

Moderators: Mr.Tamer KIRAN, Mr.Umberto MASUCCI

Speakers (10 minutes for each speech)

1. Mr.Soner ESMER (PhD), Professor and Dean of Kocaeli University Maritime Faculty
-Current Situation and Geostrategic Importance of Ports in Türkiye
2. Mr.Ferhat ACUNER, General Manager of NAVTEK Marine Technologies
-Project Zeeport: An Holistic Approach to Port Decarbonization
3. Mr.Sinan DALLI, Senior Managing Director at Delphos, Washington DC and Advisor
to the Board at Transtal Shipping BV, Netherlands
– Mediterranean Short Sea Shipping (SSS) and Opportunities and Challenges
4. Mr. Luca BRANDIMARTE , Ports, Logistics and Competition, Assarmatori (Italian
Association Shipowners)
5. Mr. Sergio LIARDO, Admiral, Deputy Commandant, Italian Coast Guard
6. Mr. Ugo Patroni GRIFFI, Port Network Authority Southern Adriatic Sea, President
7. Mr.Yılmaz TAŞÇI, Deputy General Manager of Maritime Affairs

12:00-13:30 Networking Reception (Meeting Lounge)
13:30 Departure from TCS
14:00 Meeting of Italian Delegation at the Palazzo Venezia
Tuesday, 21 November
08:00 Departure from the Hotel
10:00-12:00 Visit to Evyap Port Terminal Körfez/Kocaeli
12:00-12:45 En Route to SANMAR Shipyard
12:45-13:30 Lunch at SANMAR
13:30-15:00 Visit to SANMAR Shipyard in Istanbul (coordinated with the shipyard