Centennial Pride at October Meeting

Board of Directors of The Propeller Club – Port of İstanbul convened on October 26th, commemorating the historic occasion of a once in a lifetime date, the Centennial of the Republic. No need to say our spirits were high.

The Board of Directors met with a mission to harmonize the past and present to lay a vision for the future.

On the occasion of Centennial Celebrations Presidents who have served in the past united with the current board, in a working session. The group concentrated on points to develop the Clubs future. Among many topics, current affairs, prospects, discussed with great length.

Board meeting, followed by networking cocktail and the luncheon. Meeting started with a brief speech of 2023-2025 term President Ms. Yaprak Özer, please find the speech here. Proceeded by moment of silence, followed by the Turkish national anthem.

Opening remarks were made by our first speaker, a long time Türkiye friend, British Journalist-Writer Andrew Finkel. Finkel spent most of his life based in Türkiye. While working for well-known media outlets, Finkel preferred to work for local publications side by side with Turkish journalist, too. His new book is titled “the Second Wife” a Sherlock Holmes and Abdülhamit story. You can read a brief book coverage here. Mr. Finkel in his speech, shared observations on political and cultural milestones he identified critical for the 100 years of the Republic. You can read the full speech here.

The Propeller Club hosted Prof. Dr. Burcu Özsoy, as keynote speaker of the day. Prof. Dr. Özsoy is leading a visionary team of scientists for Arctic Explorations of the Republic: “Horizon 2020 Project”. She spent many years on Arctic and Antarctic Sea ice as the principal investigator in Turkey.  Ms. Özsoy a marine scientist herself, is not only heading a successful mission on polar geographies she is also the President of Tübitak MAM.

Her speech centered on information on geography. Prof Dr. Özsoy informed the audience on the technical side of the Arctic Scientific Expedition, while putting emphasis on the geostrategic importance of the Antarctic region and the international treaty, Türkiye is a signatory. She also developed her views on future Polar Research Institute activities. It was an interesting experience to hear, Türkiye’s efforts in the poles since 2017. You can find a comprehensive summary here.

Please find a selection of photos of the Centennial Pride in the gallery section.

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